You Can Do Anything

You can do anything but not everything. -Unknown

There are times when I would love to conquer the world. I have a list of all of these things that I would like to do in life, goals that I would like to see accomplished. I love it. I love having something to shoot for, another level to aspire to. However, sometimes that list may seem overwhelming and it stresses me out. Talk about self-created stress. It does not even have to be a broad idea either. It can be as small as daily task such as doing house work. 

There are times when things get so crazy at my house because I have let them get out of hand, that when it is time to clean it up, I am frozen with indecision due to the amount of work before me. It seems like there is just too much to do and I freak myself out by thinking that I just cannot do it all by myself. Depending on what the task is, that is true. Some things in life cannot be accomplished alone; however some things you may be able to do it alone if you have time and a solid plan. The whole idea is how you approach those things.

Take my example of house work. Let me be perfectly honest here. I suck at house work. It is overwhelming to me. I allow myself to be distracted. I get caught up with cleaning the smallest thing that maybe no one will even notice. It can take me the entire weekend to do what someone else can get done in four hours. The crazy thing is that when my house is a mess, I personally feel a mess. I feel that it mirrors my life. Then I take forever to fix it. How do I even get it done. Well first off, I get my little minions (the children) to do their part especially since the house is messy mostly because of them. Unfortunately, getting them to do their part is an extreme exercise in patience and stamina as well (thinking herding gnats lol). Once they are put to work, I tackle one thing at a time and stay focused and keep working at it. Whether it is the dishes or sweeping and mopping or cleaning the bathrooms. I give myself a time limit and I stick to it. It is hard for me but I feel so much better when it is all done. I feel accomplished and centered. 

Goal setting really should not be a stressful thing. It should be an adventure. Goal setting should be exciting even with the small things like getting the house cleaned up. At the end of that goal is accomplishment and self reward. The key is not to overwhelm ourselves with how big the task is. We do not have to do everything all at once. We do not have to do everything all by ourselves. We do not have to do everything at all. We just have to start with something and keep going towards our goals, towards the direction of change for the better. 


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