Be Inspired by Art

I view art as an inspirational tool. - Thomas Kincade

The arts are the greatest gift that we can experience, receive and/or give to the world. I absolutely love everything about the arts. Theater, music, movies, literature, movement and etc. are all expressions of the gift of creativity that lies within us. Art is not only an expression of ourselves but also a piece of our connection to the world around us in which we can share with others and experience. It is subjective yet personal. If you do not have a special talent or personal preference that you can express in some type of art form, I am sure you have something in the art world that you enjoy, whether it is watching television, reading a good book, listening to a classical piece or simply enjoying the strokes of a painting. We all experience some appreciation from the art world. 

We can get inspiration either to create or to live on. Art can give us a different perspective on life. It can give us motivation. There is something for everyone in the art world and all we have to do is take notice. Be inspired. Allow yourself to be taken in by the beauty of art, if not only for a moment before you hop back into the hustle and bustle of this thing called life. Take time to appreciate the art that surrounds you. Get inspired.


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