Stress Relief Tip: Create Your Future

Create your future

There are few things more stressful than uncertainty. At least one other thing is a lack of control over one's own life. These things disrupt our mental homeostasis, increasing that off-balance feeling. Our body's main physiological goal is to stay balanced in that place where everything feels right. When we are out of balance we will find ways to cope with those feelings and regain that level of equilibrium that our nature desires. The idea is to cope with the imbalance via healthy activities that help instead of resort to things like drug, alcohol, or destructive behaviors.

Taking control of your destiny before things get out of control is one way to help. This is not to say that every aspect in one's life is in order or the way you would like it to be. Instead, it is about taking control of your life back. You can do this by taking a step back and looking at things in your life objectively. Take the time to assess and decide which aspects of your life you would like to change. Accept that the identified areas are not where you would like them to be and decide to change them.

This process of self-reflection alone can bring a level of calmness because now in your mind you are working towards a solution. Once you start researching and learning what it takes to change things, you can move into goal setting and eventually creating a plan of action that includes small measurable steps that contribute to your sense of accomplishment. This is not where we allow ourselves to get overwhelmed with the glorious prospect of the future. Instead focus on the present and what you have to do. This is taking control in the creation of your future. This small step can lead to stress relief because you are deciding to be the master of your own destiny instead of simply reacting to situations that get thrown your way.


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