Obliterate Stress with Your Mind

Our greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. - William James

Do not relinquish control of your life to worry and stress. We have the power to exercise our minds and will power over the negative thoughts that can erode at our stress resilience. Recent studies have shown that how we cope with stressful situations is largely impacted by how we view those situations. How we approach them and plan to solve them. Stress does not always have to be a negative aspect in our lives. We should learn to use it as a fuel to motivate us to get more done and be more productive. Take worry out of the equation and focus more on finding solutions. Be a problem solver in your life. Be a doer.

I have often times looked back at my journaling and thought to myself, how much I have complained about the circumstances of my life. In my younger years, I rarely journaled about how I was going to change things. I look at that and think that although I made plans for success, I did not include them when I was expressing myself during my inner most, quieted moments. I decided to change that habit and also include my goals, actions plans and steps that I was taking to activate my dreams and  get closer to my future self. It all begins with thought. It all begins with yourself and how you decide to approach life and the problems or barriers that may present themselves. Do not ever forget that you have the power and you are worthy enough to warrant engaging and activating that force. Believe that you have overcome, believe that you can change to course of your life and you will. It is the first step towards taking action.


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