Never Stress over what you can't Control

There are times when it seems as if stress comes out of nowhere. However, it may seem or even feel, stress does not come of out no where. Stress response or reaction usually starts with a trigger. Something has happened to throw us off balance and now our bodies are activated to get things back under control. 

Where we can have an impact on how stress is activated in our life, is by assessing and being aware. What was the trigger? Why are we having this reaction and how can we change the course towards a positive end result. One thing that we should not do regardless of the trigger is worry. Worry only leads to more stress and most of the times it comes without hopes for a solution. Worry particularly can get over activated if you are stressing about something you have absolutely no control over. Never stress over what you can't control. Instead, think of how to solve the problem, brainstorm and engage in team work, if there is a team. What ever it is, know that time will move you on and/or change the circumstances, and you may have something entirely different and new to stress out about. It all starts with the mind and how you think about a situation.


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