Hone Your Skills

The greatest thing you can ever give anybody is a skill. Beyond earning a living it gives them pride. - Ken Paves

The teachers and educators of the world get a big shout out for this one. The patience that it takes to teach our young minds in the age of social media and immediate gratification with less and less parental support it beyond my comprehension. Kudos to our educators.

Beyond that,I would say the greatest gift you can give yourself is a skill and beyond that is honing that skill. I talk about how accomplishment is a wonderful stress reliever because it provides us with a sense of belonging and pride. Anything that boosts our self-esteem helps to decrease our stress levels.  Now if we cultivate our skills we will forever have a source of accomplishment. If you discover what you are good at and love doing, engage in it, practice it, share it. Live it.


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