Get Stress Tested

Many people go through life stressed out but not even really knowing it or knowing how stressed they are. It is important that we do a self assessment and then go beyond to figure out how we are going to deal with our stress levels.

In the medical field when a person comes in with complaint of chest pain or heart problems, one of the diagnostics that the physicians may do is a stress test. This is a controlled medical procedure that looks at how your heart handles physiological stress. If they find that the patient goes into distress and the heart cannot handle it, additional treatment is then arranged.

Stress in one's life can bring about physical illnesses because that individual does not have the right outlet to release the stress. Heart conditions are just one of the ways. In order to avoid this and know where to start, a person has to know how much stress is affecting his or her life. A great place to start is through stress tests.

There are plenty free ones that you can do. A quick Google search will reveal whole host of stress test that you can take. Personally, I like the ones that I can print out, take my time with a score myself at least for starters. Once you have done that, reflect on your scores and figure out how to deal with it. You can seek to work with a stress management coach life myself or gather on line resources to help.

NYSUT Stress Assessments as a few that you can start with. I like that one the most because you have a few options. You can do one or all of them. This way you start thinking more about yourself and what you need to get yourself to a relaxed place.


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