Follow your Intuition

When the
inkling ruffles
the wanderings of your
soul respond to the calling with
I will

Follow your intuition to contact someone. You never know when you could be the answer to someone else's problem. This is so true. In this case, kindness can go a long way. I see so many things in social media and the news that are sometimes disheartening because it is mainly a showcase of people who are not being kind to one another. In the news they highlight all the negative that we do against each other. In the comment section of practically any social media post, we get yet another showcase of how mean can we be to each other.

Where is kindness and empathy? I always talk about the importance of mindful living especially when it comes to aiding in stress relief, but know that being mindful of our reactions to others will help curtail some of the negativity that we always see. Like Carol Adrienne states, you never know. You never know what someone is going through or what your kind gesture may mean to them. Be mindful of when someone randomly come across your mind or you get a low voice telling you to reach out to someone. Take a moment to call them or even shoot them a text letting them know that you are thinking about them. You never know what that gesture may mean to them.  Kindness does not cost a thing. Spread more of it. We need it.


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