Allow Happiness in Your Life

Happiness is the default state of mind. Happiness is not something you pursue; it is something you allow. Happiness is just being. -Chade-Meng Tan

We want to be happy. Our bodies want to be in that good place where everything is right and we are content and at peace and happy. However, things get in the way of that state. Half the time, we are fighting against our own happiness. We are not allowing that happiness to come into our lives and grow. We let life circumstances steal our joy by worrying too much about the outcome. It is something that we cannot help. How can we preserve and protect our feelings if we do not anticipate the negative things that can happen? How can we protect ourselves if we do not mount a defense against the unknown?

We are supposed to live in the present. We are supposed to remind ourselves that although we plan for the future our happiness and our state of being is now. Worry is the bedrock of stress. Making possible scenarios up and then worrying about those things throws us into a vicious cycle of worry and stress. It is amazing that we do this for things that at present are beyond our reach and cannot affect us. Stop and take a moment to be happy in that second or few seconds or even minutes. This is where gratitude comes in. If we spend more time being grateful for the things that we have, for the life that we are living, for the health that we possess, we in turn have more opportunities to be happy. Even if our life is not where we would want or things are not going as we planned, there is always something to be grateful for. There is always a grateful place on which we can sit and, even if it is for a few second, breathe and be happy. Give your body what it wants, happiness.


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