5 Quick Stress Busters

If you do not want to be a killer, work on reducing the stress in your life.

Stress does indeed kill. Maybe not the people around you but it can be a very harmful catalyst in bringing about other chronic health conditions that can contribute to illness and death. I love the meme because, I'm sure, we can think of certain points in our lives that we wished we did not have to be around certain people. It is cute and funny and we get it. Of course that is not the solution. More over, we want to preserve ourselves and our well being above all else. However, it remains imperative that we find constructive ways to deal with stress. The below suggestions are not new of course but it cannot hurt to highlight them again. Hopefully, the more we are exposed to them, the more likely we are actually going to implement them.

1.   Know what your stressors are. Take a moment to analyze your stressful moments and see what triggers you. Then either work on how you react to those things or work on keeping them to a minimum.

2.   Break up the monotony.  Sometimes just adding a new element to the same old routine can help with stress. It gives you a new focus. If you are going to shake things up do so with something physical and fun.

3.   Live in the moment. We here this so much it is cliche and that is because it is the truth. Even though we know it to be true we still fall out of practice. Live in the moment. Focus on the present and do not worry about what is out of your reach.

4.   Calm down. Take out two to five minutes to engages in breathing exercises. If you are at your computer look at scenic nature pictures. Do a couple minutes of guided imagery. YouTube is full of soft meditation music and guided meditation videos.

5.   Embrace the change. Stress in simply our bodies physical, mental, and emotional response to change. Use that energy to get yourself through it. Embrace the change instead of fighting it. Learn to grow with it.


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