A Pencil and a Dream

A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere. -Joyce Meyer

I have a few post on the importance of having dreams and goals to our well being and stress levels. This is where we can generate purpose for ourselves and give meaning to our lives in which we can gain a sense of accomplishment. Dreaming and imagining a better life is just what is needed sometimes.

I picture life without the exercise of the imagination as a dull and boring place. Dreaming of possibilities is the ultimate use of our ability to create. Dipping into our imagination for a moment helps to take us away from the daily things of life that may stress us out. Linking your dream to an actionable goal would be even better.

I completely appreciate the quote because it goes beyond just dreaming up some crazy far away thing that we will never attain. I appreciate it not only because I am a writer and I can transport myself anywhere with my thoughts and #2 pencil or word processor or computer but also because putting dreams down on paper make it real. In creative writing you create a place, situation to share with others. In business making a plan and setting goals will help us move the dream from the fictional land of our minds to making it a reality. When you write it down, you make it real.

Naturally, writing it down in not enough because you have to commit to yourself and your dream. You have to commit to taking action steps. You have to commit to making it happen. Do not overwhelm yourself. Start small. But start. Start dreaming, start imagining, start writing. Start.

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