Stress Less Tip 2: Get a Plant

Stress less with the help of nature, more specifically a plant in either your work space or home space.
There have been ongoing research on the overall effect of nature and being in nature on mood and stress levels. There has also been some studies that have looked into the positive effect of plants on stress indicators. Several studies have show plants to have a positive effect on productivity, blood pressure, perception of space, and anxiety to name a few. There can be several contributing factors to this like if you are the one caring for the plant, perceived attractiveness of the room or  improved air quality and etc. Nevertheless, having a plant in can prove to be beneficial.

Now if you do not have a green thumb like myself, get a plant that is easy to manage and hard to kill. No reason to stress out over caring for the thing that is supposed to help with your stress relief in the first place. Take ownership of this little effort to make life better and contribute to the environment at the same time, no matter how small. Feeling blue talk positively to your plant as you care for it.

Stress Less Tip 1: Be Mindful

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