Stress Less Tip 1: Be Mindful

Stress is inevitable. It is our reaction to change no matter how big or small. What we have to try to do is not fall into the trap of constantly being stressed out, i.e chronic stress. One way to handle this is to be mindful. Sometimes we are so busy going through life that we react without stopping to give thought  to ourselves and well being. This is why a meditative practice or regular prayer is helpful.
Give attention to yourself. Look into yourself and how you are feeling at a moment in time. I am not only talking about physically but emotionally as well. Do not ignore yourself. When you do take a moment to reflect, tell yourself that you are loved, and beautiful, and smart and worthy. Remind yourself that you are a fighter and that is why you keep going.

Be mindful and engage in positive self talk.

Remember, you are worth the effort.


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