Terrifying Laundry Room

The Terrifying Laundry Room

My laundry room is an absolute terror. I have seven laundry baskets ... seven! There's only three of us. These seven baskets each have some level of clothes in them. I have lost track of which ones have clothes that are clean, need to be washed,  need to be folded or refolded or whetever else. Then I have a table with clothes on it that vary from towels to sheets, mis-paired pillow cases to new clothes, old clothes, give-away clothes and I probably should just trash these clothes. Oh and I have pillows. I do not know why there are pillows in here. Where is their home? Whose missing pillows and why have you not collected them?

At one point, my laundry room was a wonderful place to walk into, spacious and everything in its place. Towels and sheets were folded on the shelf. The table actually had room for the small ironing board and we ironed clothes there regularly without having to exert energy to displace whatever clothing was in our way. How did I get here? That is what I ask myself while sitting on the floor in my laundry room among my seven baskets. How did this mess creep up on me so fast?

The longer I sit in this terror with the washing machine going, the more I see it as a parallel to my life. Yup, that's where I'm at. Let me interject here to say that I have zero words of wisdom and no solution either. I am simply wallowing in my laundry-tornado aftermath of a life thinking to myself well eventually the load that is washing right now is going to stop and I will have to do something about it because at the very least, we (the kids and I) need clean underwear.


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