Fences: Believe that we are more


Fences, starring Viola Davis as Rose and Denzel Washington as Troy, who also directed and produced it, was intense. Both recently won the SAG for their respective performances. In recent years, I  have made it a point to shy away from certain films that are dark, sad, and might make me mad. Fences did all of that. I wanted to watch it to show support for the film and actors. I believe they would do justice by the iconic roles and there would be zero buffoonery. I was correct.

It took a little while for the story to build. The reward was in the patience exercised to appreciate the character layout and building layers upon layers of subtlety that gets completely, and appreciatively exposed at the end. All throughout the films layers of detailed were being peeled back.

The acting was superb, considering the minimalism. It would not be a hit for Viola Davis if her snot did not make an appearance. Now there is a woman who goes all in. Her snot deserves an award dammit. I was mad with her and for her but marvelled at the strength of Rose.

Ultimately, my take away from this film and even Hidden Figures is that we had to fight for every single inch of progress we have made in this America. Do not- do not let them tell you that we are lazy, that we lack drive and focus. Do not let that negative energy seep down into your soul for it is a lie. We fought and fight and dig and crawl and climb and run and battle for every single scrap that we have. Nothing is perfect but the fight in us is just.


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