Yuna Releases Chapters

Yuna's Chapters

Yuna's latest album, Chapters, is a beautiful, simply compiled set of melodies that can put you in a nice, smooth groove. This is her third album release and like the previous two, it show cases her relaxed, yet beautiful voice and relatable lyrics. I swear this album spoke to me like a preacher who's preaching that sermon, you could swear he wrote just for you.

I guage the worthiness of an album by how many songs I enjoy out of the entire compilation. Chapters has 13 tracks and I absolutely love 12 of them. The songs are touching, inspiring and relatable. I think many who have been in relationships or trnasitioning can understand and appreciate her lyrics.

If you are looking for fast, jamming beats, this album is not for you. If you like a smooth ride, strong lyrics and something you can just chill, relax and groove to then Yuna's Chapters is a wonderful choice.

92% yes.


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