Your Actions are Screaming

There are times when you have good intentions but those intentions do not translate into action. I am well aware of my own guilt in this. Sometimes it is because I am ignorant. Sometimes it is because I am protecting myself. Sometimes it is because I am not as risky as I would like to be. Nevertheless, if your thoughts and intentions are not lined up with what you are actualy doing then we are not living a fufilled life. We are in essence cutting our selves short.

We often discount the words of others when their actions do not add up. We may get dissapointed by the person who says they love us but then turn around and treat us like we really do not matter to them at all. However, what about when we do similar actions to ourselves? Do you have goals? Are there dreams that you would like to see come true? Dreams that are within our grasp if we just made a little effort. Our words and thoughts can be powerful tools for change and actions and motivation or they can be duds. I do not want my words, my intentions to mean nothing at all. I do not want that from someone else either. Words can be powerful. Thoughts can be the positive fuel of our lives if we make it so.

Be a world changer. Be a sword wielder. Be a true warrior where our words are propellers. Be a fighter. Take action in your life, in someone elses, in the world.


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