Media Pawns

Media Pawns
The truth
exist out there
somewhere in the midst of
media manipulations
for clicks

I disdain injustice and racism and hate just as much as the next person. Therefore, articles that hint at such injustices get my attention. I also find click and bait to be extremely irritating. However, diguising the truth as sensationalizes headlines in order to invoke strong emtions resulting in a click on an article is even more disturbing. We cannot  and should not take anything for face value. Investigate everything because there are too many fake news articles , distorted truths and blatant lies disguised as real news out there. Sites that we knew as satire are blending in with sites that just do not really care about the message being pyt our.

The media giants as well as up and comers want is to get your clicks, get more viewers, and make more money. Journalistic integrity seems to be flailing in the wind, held together by precious few. Do not react too quickly before investigating the source, the intent, whether other entities are reporting, what they are reporting and all the facts.


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