Work does not have to be a Chore

I joke around about having to work all the time. The reality is that work is important to having a fulfilling life. Work leads to a sense of daily accomplishment and productivity in addition to giving us a means to pay the bills and maintain our current lifestyle. If you are not getting those positive take-aways from work then some time of self reflection is in order and maybe a change is needed. Working just to pay the bills can be stressful because of that lack of accomplishment, enjoyment and fulfillment. What do you need to do in order to put some meaning back into your work life? Sometimes it is as simple as a change in perspective and attitude on your part. Most people, myself included, would like to work on their own terms and/or focus their energy on their passion, and may sometimes get frustrated with what they have to do to pay the bills. Again, sometimes it is all about attitude and perspective.

Maybe you are working on your passion outside of work, that in itself can bring more meaning into your life, which is great but do not ignore the importance of also getting meaning from your work life as well. Be conscious regarding your attitude towards work and take note of what steps you may need to take to change things. Beyond perspective and attitude, it could also include engaging with the people at your job. No you are not at work to make friends, which I hear many people say, but where ever you go, you have to opportunity to make connections and build relationships, even if they are just as coworkers. Remember, you are at this place eight to ten, sometimes 12-13 hours a day. It is worth it to make it pleasant and have some allies and people you connect with at work.

Work is essential. Happy work life balance goes a long way to living a life with less stress.


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