Shonda Rhimes' Year of Saying Yes to Everything

Shonda Rhimes is responsible for four television programs, 70 hours of televsion, 350 million dollars. She is a titan. Her brain is global. Rhimes tells us this in her Ted Talk to demonstrate how much work she actually does. In reality, it demonstrates how much stress she is under. The difference is that she loves it. She poetically tells the audience how much she loves working and how it gives her life- until it doesn't. 

This is where the year of yes comes in. Her pull away from the love of all that she does is really her breaking down under the stress. It may have been a run-away stress train, stress unchecked. Whatever it was, she got to the point when she was burnt out. Burn out can happen to any of us, no matter who we are, what we are doing, how much we love it. Rhimes' Ted Talk is about her getting her mojo back (thank goodness her audience did not notice that it was gone).

Shonda Rhimes delivery at first seems stoic, even a little stand offish but as she goes on, her humor and relatabality shines through. She is real and it is comforting. This Ted Talk is so worth the 19 minutes. It gives perspective. I implore you to remember to engage in stress relief activities and take care of you before you get burnt out. Take care of yourself even for 15 minutes a day before you get to the point of shutting down. Check out the talk below.


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