Show Review: The Good Place

Show Review: The Good Place

Kristen Bell and Ted Danson change up the after life. I really like Kristen Bell. I am a die hard Veronica Mars fan and wish they would just make the movie already or a revival miniseries or- oh forget it. Kristen Bell has a cute, quirky, sweet personality that comes across in her characters. This new role as Eleanor fits her well even though she is a total pass (I don't think we can say ass in the good place). The good place is like heaven; unfortunately, Eleanor does not belong there and her presence is messing up Michael's, played by Ted Danson, perfect heavenly creation.

It is nice to see Ted Danson on the small screen. He looks remarkably well. The premier episode was really good for the first 20 minutes. I had some laugh out loud moments which I always appreciate. It is hard to tell if there is enough meet in The Good Place to say it has staying power. The Good Place is cute and a good watch. It is all about how an extremely selfish person accidentally got into heaven and now has to, against her nature, attempt to do genuine good deeds to stay and not cause destruction. I have to see a few more episodes to see if it is worth a long time commitment.

I am determined this season to watch more comedies as laughter is healing and a really good stress reliever.


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