How to get to the Good Place

The Good Place is a new television show on NBC about a ridiculously selfish person, Eleanor played by Kristen Bell, who accidentally finds herself in the good place, a version of heaven. Check out the review here.

We all want to end up in the good place right? In this new series, you get there by a mathetical calculation that weighs your dead, no matter how small, against each other. It is reminscent of Santa's naughty or nice list, except you do not get presents from a jolly, old, fat white guy, you get the gift of eternal life in this awesome heaven. Many of the world's religions have ideas and paths on how people get into heaven or carry on in the after life. But I propose we dispense with those ideas for a moment. As much as I care about the eternity of my spiritual being, I also care about the experience of my present life. The present experience of our mind, body, and soul is equally important as what will happen after in that we are placed here to live, to love, to experience and to display our genuineness.

What are we really made of when we release the idea of behaving in a certain way only to have a better position in the afterlife (what ever you may believe)? Let us work to make our good place now. Let us work to make our good place in the present. When we wake up in the morning, believe that you are waking up in a good place. When you hug your loved ones, take heart in that you are sharing a piece of the good place. When you laugh with friends believe that the laughter you share is happening in the good place. Generosity, empathy, love, kindness and peace are all extensions of the good place. The good place does not have to be far removed in some land that we are striving to get to. The good place can be now. The good place is a space that we can create with our genuine love of life and people and the awesome joy that supporting one another can bring.

We do not have to get to the good place. We can make the good place now. Spreading the light of the good place to all that can be touched by it.


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