When you
feel energy
changing within and know
it's so beautiful that you have
to smile

Smiling is all good; the only thing bad about smiling is doing it at the wrong time. Smiling and laughter are wonderful stress relievers. Smiling makes people around you feel better. Smiling makes you feel better. So, if you get anything from this, let it be to smile more.

I have been smiling to myself a lot more latley because I have been feeling energized. Unfortunately, it is not the kind of energy that has me zooming around like The Flash, getting things done. It is a spiritual awakening type of energy, an awareness of my powerful vibrations. Lately, I  have been learning more and more about the brain and how it works and how our physical and mental aspects relate and interconnect. Scientifist have only begun to scratch the surface but it is amazing and inspiring. What they are learning, in my opinion, is simply connecting the dots between what we spiritual people have known to be true with measurable results.

We know that prayer, meditation and the energy of our concentrated thought have an affect on our lives. Although they cannot fully explain it physicist, neurologist and other scientists are making strides in understanding how thoughts and intentions can create physical and psychological positive affects.  We should not underestimate ourselves. We should not underestimate the power that we have to not only change ourselves but also change the world.  It starts with believing that we can and loving ourselves enough to know that we are worth it. We were designed for it


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