Unlock your Dreams

Unlock your dreams
Live free
live in the place
where your dreams manifest
set free by the power of your

Live free. I'm talking about breakimg free from the hamster wheel, from the feeling of getting up and dreading going to work in the morning. I am talking about a personal sense of freedom with the life sustaining activities that we must engage in.

People who are doing what they love or what they feel they were purposed to do all have at least one thing in common; they get lost in it. I know I do, especially when I write. It is my thing. Admittedly,  I am okay at it. Am I great? Not yet. I can be better and with practice and effort and time devoted to my craft, I will be. With that being said, I can easily get lost in words. I get lost in writing them, reading them, seeing them manifested on screen, listening to them in music and anything else in which they are creatively put together to result in something awesome.

What seperates me from the people who make a living at writing in a creative space?  My actions. I will admit it. If I did more, I would be further along. So see, we are on this journey of self improvement and dream realization together. I am, no doubt, guilty of the same things you are:  procrastination, self doubt, negative self talk which all lead to a lack of action.

Let us change our minds. Fix them on the prize. Fix our sights on what brings us joy. If it involves putting something good back out into the world, there is no way we can be wrong. Once we have it in foucs, let's jump into action, working towards making our dreams the reality.

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