Envision What You Want and Go for it!

I didn't wish for anything I couldn't get, and I got pretty near everything I wanted because I worked for it. - Louis Armstrong

Envision what you want. Feel it. Enjoy it in your mind. Harness that feeling of satisfaction  and accomplishment. Imagine what achieving your goal feels like, smells like and then go for it. Go for it like your life depends on it because it does. Your ideal life, the life that you are living in your dreams will fade away if you do not make all the mighty effort you have inside of you to go after it. And that act, that chase, is living. That will give you a boost of energy and drive that will continue to propel you forward.

Do not let the set backs dissuade you because if you keep going, you will ultimately realize that they were set ups. Setting the stage for you to thrive and keep going. Everything you want is truly within your imagination just beyond your grasp; reach out and take it.

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