Be Golden not Tarnished

Living my life like it's golden
-Jill Scott

I am living my life like it's golden becuase it is. If anything it is more precious than gold, more precious than the finest material that can be found in this planet.

I posted this regular shot of me, no make up, working, just another day. I am tired as heck because I stayed up late washing my hair, covering my pesky grays and putting in pipe cleaners  (I will have a post about that when I get the after). Needless to say, I'm a bit fatigued.  Nevertheless, I smile and revel in this ordinary day becauae I feel good. I feel alive. I feel blessed and grateful.

I and you and those given the gift of life are indeed the most precious thing on this planet. Live like it. I am heartbroken and dissapointed at the hate, violence, and lack of empathy that we wield at eachother. This discord keeps us from excelling and being more. It saddens me; however, I cannot let that speak for me. We cannot let the negative out weigh the everyday awesomeness that makes this world go around. We have to live like it's golden and let our awesome goodness flow outward and be the cure that scales back the infection of hate.

Living my life like it's golden because it is that and beyond.


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