Bantu Knots:I am not my hair

I put some bantu knots in today, hoping the curl will take in six hours or so. My daughter is not a fan of them because, like most, she is not used to seeing them. The last time I had my hair in bantu knots she was probably five years old. I love my bantu knots, and no, they are not a new discovery made by mainstream people flaunted in the media.

I do plan to take them down today but will rock them again in a couple of weeks. I will wear them to an event so that she knows they are not just for style prep but are beautiful enough to wear to an occasion. I will show her that because I love them and feel confident in them, their beauty will surpass anyone's negative opinion of them.

Confidence breeds peace in difficult situations because it gives strength for us to push through. If we love ourselves and believe in ourselves then we will at least put forth the effort to rise above difficult situations and live beyond people's negativity. For a lot of women our hair makes us feel good. We spend a great deal of time on it. I am okay with that, and I am also okay with those that do not give much importance to it.

Your hair should mean whatever it means to you. It is part of your expression of yourself. Is it your crowning glory? If you want it to be. Whatever it means to you, however you decide to wear it, what matters most is how you feel inside about yourself. What matters most is that you feel good, loved, cherised, and you let those feelings shine from within. What matters most is that you love yourself enough to rock your hair however the heck you choose to rock it on any particular day.

Be not your hair but the person you love from within and live lite.

Update: intagram pic of after the take down of the knots


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