In Remembrance

Anniversaries are a wonderful thing. Birthdays, marriage, graduation, etc are all life events that we commemorate with an anniversary. They mark a special time in our lives. They are usually a cause for celebration. Usually. Death however is one thing that most people do not want to celebrate though. The anniversary of the loss of a loved one is sometimes painful and brings forth difficult emotions. As the years go by, it definitely gets easier to the point that we may even sometimes feel guilty. But I have learned to embrace death anniversaries as well.

Life does indeed go on. People go about their business. They live, laugh, cry and have their own ups and downs to deal with. The world does not stop because we have lost a precious one, even though I sometimes feel like it should (of course that is not realistic). This is why I embrace the death anniversary of my loved ones that have moved on. It is a time to remember, mark and reflect on the gift of their past presence in our lives. This is how we never forget, how they live on. So do not be melancholy when that time rolls around but smile and think upon the gift that they were in your life.

RIP BT 7/3/2009


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