You Don't Know Tank

Apparently, I have been sleeping on Tank. Let me be honest, back in the 90s R&B was life. However, I have felt that it has fallen off. Either that or I have moved away from it. I think I need to pay more attention to these crooners out here that are banging out beautiful R&B music.

I have not given Tank much attention but this latest album is all kinds of nice. Maybe I don't know, Tank ... but why they gotta be bitches though, side eye.

Get it ...
Tank's Sex Love and Pain II

And since we are on the topic, men. Honest communication is a good way to keep us informed instead of faking the funk or acting like there is something to prove. Better yet, treat the woman you love like you love her, like she is the only one. Not sure why "bitches" are even part of the equation. I do not know about any other females (I will admit there might be some unstable ones out there lol) but things are always better when we talk and communicate and I know you are there for me. Give that and you will get that back.

Open communication equals drama free, stress free living. You know, I'm all about reducing stress.


Unknown said…
Tank from the early 2000s? I haven't paid attention to R&B in a decade or so.
Wanda LiteVi said…
Haha yeah that Tank. Although he's being pretty tacky right now but I do love this song.

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