Be the light that you are!

Be the light that you are! 

I do not care for watching the news, mostly because everything is always so negative. Bad news sells advertising. Bad news stirs up emotions and causes people to react which increases viewership and that translates to dollars. That is why we find so much negative stuff in the news and that is why I avoid it. Nevertheless, I have to remind myself that the world is full of good people that live good lives and that do great things on a regular basis. These things are ordinary and probably not news worthy. These things could be what we take from granted. These things are life. 

Be kind, loving, and generous. Help each other. Laugh together. Spend time enjoying one another's company. Share the love, the light that is inside of you. Be the beacon. Be an example. Live, love, laugh and smile! That to me is spreading light, being light. Being love! Light in motion! 

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