Television: What are we watching?

I know that we are not supposed to spend so much time in front of the television. It leads to a very sedentary and unproductive life style. That is why, I try to do little work out spurts during commercial breaks when I am not feeling absolutely sloth like. With that said, I do not mind a little escapism. So the list of programming that I have my eye on is quite long. Of course some of the shows will be canceled and I hardly watch anything in real time anymore. Am I the only one? 

Okay, I am not ashamed to admit my television addiction which this list will reveal. It is in order of broadcast days, starting with Sunday.

Once Upon a Time: I was hooked after getting caught up over the summer. Emma is the dark one! What!
Quantico: I have not watched it yet but it is on my list to watch.
Minority Report: I really like Meagan Good in this one.
Blindspot: There is nothing really spectacular about this show except I really want to know who this chick is and who is behind everything.
Beyond the Tank: I love Shark Tank. I've only caught two episodes of Beyond the Tank. It is on my watch list. 

Ok I quit! Looking through the list, I realize it is too long. Suffice to say, I do not think I will run out of programming. Planning do a post of each show. 


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