We are Something Special

I love nature. I am not talking about pitching a tent in the middle of the woods or getting up close and personal with reptiles or trekking through a rain forest kind of love. I'm talking about marveling at nature's wonder, loving how phenomenal and amazing the creation of this world is in that everything works together and fits together when we look at the big picture. How amazing is it that we are part of that creation? Our basic existence mirrors everything that is perfect about it nature. We are not excluded from the awesomeness but are a part of it. 

People tend to forget how fantastic and miraculous we are. It is true that we sometimes make bad choices that impact our environment, but removing all that we are special. We are part of the great good. We are something special within something special. When ever we are down and life is tough, just hold on and remember that our simple existence is beyond great. We are never worthless, useless or meaningless. We are something special!


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