Sunday's with the kids

I am learning to like Sundays again. It is a slow process but it is coming along. For most people it is family time. I try to keep it that way. We get spiritually rejuvenated and then spend time chilling. It usually works out well, especially if the house is clean by then.

Last Sunday, I did my daughter's hair. I usually style it for at least two weeks. Now she wants me to do something else to it. So, it looks like I will spend some of this Sunday doing her hair again  ... maybe towards the end of the night. It is actually relaxing because once the design is decided upon, I let my fingers work. We talk and watch television and my son sits with us, being the annoying older brother.

It is a relaxing way to wind down, get connected and enjoy each other. Although it may seem like a chore, it is about prespective and how we approach things. Turn a chore into an experience. Do hair and live lite!

Happy Sunday!


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