Here with Alessia Cara

"Here" with Alessia Care has over 8 million views on Youtube since the end of May. I only just heard it a few days ago. A huge sign that I have not been engaging in enough lite living activities and been too caught up in being stressed out over the routine of life.

I am feeling everything she is saying and this is coming from a girl that loves a good party, mainly because I love to dance. However, whenever I find myself in a club, I do wonder why I'm there. In contrast, I went out with some friends to a nice lounge, listened to a wonderful band and talked. It was a cool a chill night. We laughed and enjoyed each others company and wondered why we do not do that type of thing more often. Being a single mom, I actually know why I don't as a single mother of preteens with more of a life than myself but a girl can pretend like she has time to hang out more often. In my head it is possible :).


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