Difficult Child Behavior: 4 Tools to Help You Stay Calm

Every single day, I have an issue with my daughter. She is headstrong, stubborn,  and over-the-top emtional. Staying calm when dealing with her is a challange indeed. I have to start reading more areticles like this and hope the advice stick, for both our sakes. This is a particularly good one that touches on almost exactly how I feel when dealing with her.

4 Tools to Help You Stay Calm with Your Difficult Child
by Debbie Pincus MS LMHC

What’s one of the keys to avoiding constant fights with your child? Believe it or not, it’s the same skill that will help you through any crisis situation—your ability to remain calm. When your child is upset, anxious or angry, keeping your cool is half the battle. It’s a way for you to put out the fire by throwing water on the flames, rather than fan it by adding more fuel from your own emotional tank.
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Difficult Child Behavior: 4 Tools to Help You Stay Calm


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