True by Solange

True by Solange
Rate: 10

Solange released True, an extended play record, last last year with Losing You as the leading single. The major problem that I have with this is that it was not a full album release. I absolutely love Losing You. I think I have listened to it 100 times already. It is refreshing and fun yet heart tugging, if you pay attention to the lyrics. The video for it is artsy fartsy but pretty neat. My favorite two tracks on the extended play are Losing You and Bad Girls.

I think I will be going on a Solange binge because her style is a little R&B soul with a touch alternative. What I really like about her is that she does not bow down to conformity. She does her own thing and it is slightly out of the box. All in all True is definitely worth a down load.


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