Seeking Success Does Not Stop

It seems as though I am always making a decision to try, feeling like I am constantly revamping things to get me back on track towards what seems to be an elusive goal. This is not to take for granted the measures of success that I have already had. I am well aware and grateful for my many accomplishments thus far.

However,  for those of us that have bigger goals than the status quo, we seem to always look towards the future.  In that vision, I personally see a lack of motivation. How am I supposes to meet my personal standards of success if I cannot get off my ass? It is at this point when I find that a little motivational talk is required in order to reboot my drive.

That moment of reboot and refocus is what separates us, success seekers, from others in that even though we may get into a rut, a momentary set back does not define or deter us. That is what separates the doers from the ones that give up. Seeking success does not stop.


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