LiteVi Entertainment to Publish New Exciting eBook for Preteens

( March 25, 2013 -- Author Julian T. Nichols is proud to announce the release of his new exciting eBook for preteens entitled "Joy: A Treasure Protector Story", in his Treasure Protector Series. The said book is published by LiteVi Entertainment, which has a site advertising a stress-free living.

The new eBook is geared towards helping preteens boost their self-esteem. It is perfect not only for kids 8-12 years of age but also for teenagers as well. The book can also be read along with parents for a great bonding moment. Readers say that the best thing about the book is its moral lessons and unique story. They also add that potential readers will enjoy reading its nine series which depict the exciting activities of the main character.

The eBook revolves around the journey of Anna, the main character. When she is about to turn nine years old, she was so excited to make her birthday wish. Unexpectedly, she goes to sleep and wakes up in an exciting new world where she meets a real-life princess. There, she was entrusted the most precious treasure of the world.

The Treasure Protector Series is a group of stories created to foster a positive self-image in pre-teens and teens. With this eBook, readers will know the significance of true wealth. This series revolves around the adventures of Anna as she learns her true destiny through her dreams. In these dreams, Anna learns the value of the gifts that she has within herself and what makes every person really special. Every year, she navigates through the ordinary issues that a growing child has to encounter from peer pressure to bullying .

Readers of this eBook will definitely love the adventures of Anna. Upon reading this, they will feel as if they are the main character. Every page has exciting activities that teach a lesson. This eBook is sold on iBooks, Nook and Amazon Kindle at a very affordable price.

As expected, this eBook will catch the heart of every reader. With its captivating story, it is expected that many will secure their copy of the book in the next coming days.

If interested to get this eBook, visit its websites at and Interested individuals can also send a message directly to the author's email address or to his Treasure Protector Series page.


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