No More Low Self Esteem

You are worthy, We are worthy

Lack of self esteem is a bitch. There is no other way to put it. A lack of self worth impedes people from going after their true glory. It suffocates the mind and leaves us starving for more, only we have no idea what it is we are seeking, so we search out the wrong things to fill us.

I am not sure when or what causes the erosion of self esteem to being, but I do know that at some point we have to realize that no matter the opinions, the thoughts or circumstances that may come upon us as a living breathing person, we are wroth of more. We are worthy of love. We are worthy of success. We are worthy of joy and happiness and all the gifts that we have lying dormant inside of us, waiting.

Let us not be satisfied with our mere existence. For the virtue of my existence alone gives me cause to strive for more. My existence regardless of reason or cause is proof enough that the universe, nature, science, cellular reproduction and God made me worthy of greatness. To strive for it, to crawl to it and climb for it is the least I can do in service to my life and my imprint on this world.

You Are Worthy Poem


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