Three Reasons Why I can't Get to the Movies

Let's go to the movies! Well, in my case, let's go sit on the couch and watch some dvds. As much as I enjoying going to the movies, I have not been able to do that lately. My movie watching has completely fallen off. There are several reasons why this has happened to me.

1. I have children. Now that alone, does not limit my movie going activities. It if the fact that I just get tired of watching kid movies; and, frankly, I do not want to spend more money going to see one in the theater when I can rent something and they can watch it on their own. My kids are not old enough yet to get dropped off at the theaters.

2. I have a budget. Let's face it, a night out at the movies is starting to get pricey. Let's not even talk about the 3D versions and the overpriced concessions. As much as I would love to see a movie every weekend, 40 bucks a week (for the three of us) adds up really quick.

3. I have limited time. Money does not grow on trees, and you know what? Neither does time. It is a process for me to "go" to the movies. Whether I am going by myself or with the little ones, there are pre-movie activities that need to take place in order to make it happen. Sometimes it is just too exhausting and time consuming. Also, some of these movies are just way to long, especially when you factor in the preview times. I mean seriously? I cannot be the only one that forgets what movie I went to see after all of the previews. Pack a good movie punch in an hour and a half please!

So, a DVD is my new best friend. Add a bottle of wine with that and I am in for a great night!


Anonymous said…
I can't speak on the kids 'cause I don't own any at this time, in terms of the greenbacks i got u come Monday night, you cant forget what movie you came to see if u right on time (10 minutes after showtime, no previews, i got that down pat) but knowing u-u wouldn't miss the previews. Holla at me!

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