Clive Davis Wrong?

There are many people out there that are upset with Clive Davis for allowing his pre-Grammy party to go on after Whitney Houston's death. I can understand that. I can appreciate that. I can appreciate that some people chose not to attend. Still, it is somewhat self-righteous to condemn him for having the party and to subsequently judge how he is feeling based off that decision. That is not fair.

Personally, I would want them to have the party. I have never been one to be emotionally appropriate anyway, so heck have a blast and wish I was there with you. What I appreciate about life is people being together, enjoying each other and laughing. I am sure my mother would have a fit about it though since she is so traditional but those who know me would say have the party. In fact, I want my funeral reception to be a flipping party.

The thing is that there will be plenty of time to mourn. When everyone is gone and the glitter is gone, the people that were touched by Whitney Houston's presences in their life will have nothing to do but mourn their loss. Sometimes even in the midst of the crowed they will fight back tears. Sometimes the loss is so deep and pervasive that they will spend the rest of their lives mourning. So, I will not and cannot begrudge someone for seizing a moment of happiness or commiserating together and finding comfort in each other in whatever form he/she chooses.

I know it does not “look” good. It looks like people do not care and even smacks of disrespect. I get that. The respect is due to the person’s memory and the family. Whether it looks good to anyone else's standards is immaterial.The family, believing in what Whitney would want gave their okay. It is fine for those to remove themselves but let the judgement end there.

Rest in peace Whitney Houston


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