The Testament by John Grisham

John Grisham has a brash, in-your-face way of telling his stories, and I enjoyed his style even more in The Testament. The Phelan’s are a spoiled, greedy miserable excuse for wasting air, led by their even more selfish father who leaves a fortune to an unknown and non to his miserable children. From the start, I enjoyed the story and could not wait to find out who really ended up with the money.

Grisham makes the story even more interesting by throwing in colorful, corrupt attorneys. Set against two contrary back drops, the fast pace city and a remote Brazilian jungle. Truthfully, I was entertained by the obscenely spoiled grown children, but had to grapple with Grisham’s statement against modern cultures propensity towards irrational greed and materialism. Some how, amongst the offense of 11 billion dollars, Grisham manages to illustrate that there are indeed some things in this life that are valued more than money.
The Testament 


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