Television Going Ons

I miss V. I miss Ana’s facial expressions and the treachery and plotting that goes on. I watched it in the 80’s, but truth be told I do not remember much of it. On that note I cannot believe that Tyler is dead. V left of with the world under the influence of Bliss, Tyler dead, and Erica now on the inside. I am hoping it comes back because it would be a shame to be left hanging like that.

I know I cannot be the only one that is excited about the return of So You Think You Can Dance! This is probably the only show that I will try to watch in real time. It is set to return May 26th and either my DVR or myself will be ready.

Heros who? Remember that NBC show with Sylar and the cheerleader? I vaguely remember it. I cannot say that I missed it because the last season was garbage, and I voluntarily stopped watching it. But I have been missing people with super powers in my life. Now I get that fix with No Ordinary Family. I look forward to watching how it unfolds especially with Joshua back, George having potential powers, and a super baby born.

Other shows that I regularly watch in no particular order: The Event (please watch it), Bones, Grey’s Anatomy (I loved the musical but please leave it to once a season), Lie to Me, and my Gossip Girl (I am still hoping for Blair and Lonely Boy drama).


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