Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday

Let us face it, Nicki Minaj’s album, Pink Friday, is by no means a classic. Years later it is not going to be remembered as ground breaking or significantly impacting the rap/hip-hop game. However, it is definitely entertaining. More than that, her selections are actually introspective and thoughtful. The album tells the story of a female artist going for her dreams and the vulnerable moments she experience in that process. She has those brash in your face moments but they do not eclipse her more vulnerable side, which I found to be more genuine.
Pink Friday
Overall, I enjoyed the album. With that said, Nicki Minaj’s attempt at image exposure undermines the positives that exist in her album. It is more like the spectacle and demonstrations she attempt to personify is a poor caricature of herself. Track 11, Dear Old Nicki, calls for the resurrection of someone she lost in the process, and I am thinking find her quick because she has to be more grounded than the chick running around in pink wigs, trying to look like an unrealistic hip/hop Barbie (it has been done already and that did not end well, not saying any names- Foxy and Kim). Whatever message can be gleaned from her album (like don’t give up on your dreams, success is not easy, you have to work hard) is completely lost behind the pink hair, fake booty and gimmicks. People will tire of the publicity stunts and the masked style but they will not tire of the artistry and mastery of one’s craft.


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