The Living Blood

In The Living Blood by Tananarive Due tells the story of Jessica, a new immortal, and her amazing immortal daughter, Fana; and how she must come to grips with the power that runs through her daughter’s veins while dealing with those who would stop at nothing to get a drop of blood for their selfish, evil purposes.

In the aftermath of a traumatic loss of what she once thought was a perfect family, Jessica has made a commendable effort of making some life for herself and her daughter while using her “gift” to help others. However, she does not anticipate or plan for the ultimate need for her husband and his “kind” to help her deal with Fana and her uncontrollable powers.

First off, it must be known that I cannot stand big books; however, The Living Blood is an exception to that. How could I ignore Dawit and the aftermath of his mortal daughter’s death and wife’s, Jessica, resurrection with a newborn to boot? To say that the story has twists and turns is an understatement. What is wonderful about Due’s writing is that everything falls into place for a compelling, yet entertaining read. 

It was definitely a page-turner or else I would not have been able to make it through 500 plus pages without even realizing it until the end.

I already have Blood Colony and cannot wait to get started. I am looking forward to what happened to Dawit, Fana, Jessica and their extended family.

Read my review of My Soul to Keep the first book in the series.


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