Takers Poster Movie 11x17 Hayden Christensen Paul Walker Zoe Saldana Idris Elba Takers did well in the box office and has received positive reviews from both critics and viewers alike. His reception back into the music and entertainment industry has been warmly given. It all seemed as though he was on the road to recovery, but most importantly, he could have served as a great example of how to recoup after a life altering situation. Instead, he is on the way to becoming yet another example of what not to do.

News reports have hit the internet about T.I. and his wife, Tiny's, arrest on drug possession charges. What was supposed to be a routine traffic stop has turned into another T.I. generated disaster. The officers got a whiff of a strong marijuana order coming from the vehicle and proceeded with a drug investigation which ended in TI and Tiny's arrest. The specific charges are not yet known.

Asinine and foolishness at their highest level. T.I. Is either a complete idiot, or he must believe that he is completely above the law. Considering that he is on three years of probation after serving time for his weapon's conviction, T.I. should have been so straight and narrow that the Devil would find him disgusting. Instead, he is knocking on trouble's door. It does not matter who was puffing the magic dragon, T.I. should not even have a closed bottle of beer in his car.

What is most unsettling is that the knuckle heads out there that look up to him will see this as his thumbing down his knows at law enforcement. They will see that he is being persecuted instead of the foolish, asinine. Ridiculousness that this situation really is. For his sake, because he is truly talented and works so hard, and those who appreciate his talents, let's hope that there is some sort of misunderstanding. It does not seem likely though. People are rooting for him, and it is a shame that he is disappointing them.
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