Healing Block

Healing Block
I need to write
To work on characters
running wild in my head
Characters that refused to be ignored
to feel the keys under my fingertips
gaining comfort from each stroke
to let the words flow from me
all over the place
however the heck they want to come out
to release-
cathartic streams of consciousness

I need to write
To create something
To bring to life, even an imaginary one,
something that has meaning to me
An expression of myself
One I can share with others while still being veiled
I need to breathe
through black and white,
words falling on sheets of paper
Coming together
to say what I cannot
to release what I cannot
to paint images that I cannot
to heal where I cannot
to reach where He can

But, yet, I cannot
And ain’t that a bitch

by Wanda M. Toby


Amanda said…
Wanda, I truly admire your strength. You are an amazing women, and I think of you often. I hope all is well with you and the kids. I really miss working with Berly. May he rest in peace.

Love always, Amanda
Ron said…
Love you darling and you know that I am praying and believing God for you...You my girl and I need you in my life...It's going to get better...Want you to know that as you walk it out, I am walking with ya'...
Ron said…
By the way, because of your inspiration, I am making progress on my book...YOU are a true inspiration....
I totally can connect with what you're saying. Got so much in me to put on paper, but just can't seem to get to it. I'll be praying that you can create in spurts. God is going to use your writing in a HUGE way! Its helping you heal and will heal others. You have so much strength - you go girl!

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