Who is this Nikki Finke?

Who is this Nikki Finke?
First of all, I say that with much respect to this proffessional woman who has apparantely handled her business well. It is just the hater in me that is asking LOL. Since I am a little out of the loop on all the new celebrity infotainment sites popping up every other week, I really did not know who she was. Upon further inspection, she is a long time journalist who, apparently, worked her way into a nice payday. After so many years in the industry it seems well deserved. Congratulations.

The jist of it is that she created an infotainment website, grew her readership and three years later sold it for a nice sum. Check out her Wiki page to learn more about her past accomplishments.

Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily is sold to Mail.com
Los Angeles Times
Finke, the blog's owner and writer-editor, will get a seven-figure sum for the sale plus millions over the life of a five-year contract as well as a portion of the site's ad revenue, a source says.


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