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A Price to Pay by Angela Winters is the continuing saga of the Chase family. Steven and Janet Chase are the patriarch and matriarch of a family conglomerate and they will allow nothing to stand in the way of the family.

Their son, Carter, is an attorney with his own firm but is still firmly entrenched in the family business. He is dating Julia, however, he is still in love with Avery, his daughter's mother, who happens to be married to someone else. Carter is bound and determined to get Avery back, no matter what it costs or who gets hurt. Michael Chase, the second son, is out of favor with his father, but he has a big deal working that just might get him back in his father's good graces. However, he must make sure that he does not allow the sick relationship he has with his wife, Kimberly, get in the way of business. Finally, Haley Chase, the only daughter and the never-do-well of the Chase clan, has gotten herself embroiled in a situation that her family's money might not be able to save her from. Will the Chases finally find the price is too high, even for them to pay?

I had not read the other books in the Chase saga, but, it did not stop me from understanding and enjoying the storyline. A Price to Pay is a wonderful, fast-paced novel filled with drama and romance and is highly recommended for reading in the lazy days of summer.

Angelia Menchan, APOOO BookClub


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