CBS reruns beat new ABC, NBC programs

CBS reruns beat new ABC, NBC programs
Really? Why is this even a headline? Who watched new programs during the summer? I would expect the new premiers to perform poorly. The only thing I care about this summer is So You Think You Can Dance.

Most people associate the summer months with reruns. I anticipate the fall because I expect all the networks to bust out the box with their new programming. It is like a feeding frenzy of television shows. It fits right in with the hectic nature of a new school year. It's expected. People are not really paying attention to anything new that comes out right now. If something does come out, it better be really special so that the word of mouth carries it through to the new "official" season.

It's not rocket science, is it?
CBS reruns beat new ABC, NBC programs
Los Angeles Times
By city news service Continuing a trend this summer, Sunday's premieres of first-run scripted programming on ABC and NBC drew lackluster ratings, with viewers preferring CBS reruns.


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